Rates will be supplied for approved DCT customers. DCT domestic rates apply on DCT supplied equipment only. We also have rates available on request for 3rd party containers and international shipments. To obtain current rates, call or send an email to request a copy.

The following rules apply to DCT shipments
Hazardous surcharge now applies: $80.00 for each rail, $25.00 for X-town, and $150.00 for each drayage segment plus $100.00 service fee.

Door-to-Door rates include the first day chassis per diem, at origin or destination. If dropped, additional days are $25.00 per calendar day.Chassis are not provided on Ramp-to-Ramp rates.

Containers are released under the following conditions: Free time for containers shall be 5 days, at origin and destination. Free time is measured from the day picked up to the day turned in. The per diem charge for excess days shall be $50.00 per day or portion thereof for the first 5 days and $100.00 per day or portion thereof in excess. The user of the equipment agrees to return the equipment in the same condition as released.The user shall be responsible for any damage to the equipment. The company booking the equipment above shall be the sole responsible party to Domestic Container Transportation for payment of charges or any damages and per diem on equipment. Credit terms are 21 days from the date of the invoice.